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Customer Testimonials

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I've known Albert Innamorati for the past twelve (12) years. I hired him to do my first home inspection twelve years ago and then again recently.  He was very professional, spent a great amount of time making sure that every inch of the house and property was checked out thoroughly. I felt very confident after his inspection and would recommend ABBEY Inspection Services to anyone who needed a home inspector.  Linda W., Leominster, MA
Albert Innamorati of ABBEY Inspection Services is a terrific advocate for a home buyer interested in an older home.  Having almost purchased a home that Albert's examination determined would be unmanageable to heat and maintain, we are now buying another antique that stood up to his scrutiny.  His deep and practical knowledge of home construction and systems ensures a thorough inspection and report outlining both strengths and potential problems, permitting the client to make an informed decision about purchase.  Moreover, his enthusiasm and obvious respect for antique homes make the process enjoyable as well as informative.  Potential buyers should be prepared to spend significant time and to get a little grubby exploring every nook and cranny with Albert.   Leslie and Michael Wilson, Lancaster, MA
This summer I purchased a bank-owned condominium.  The unit is one of 34, 9 year old, units in a 150 year old brick mill.  It had been unoccupied for over 3 months.  The terms were clear and specific:  "As Is".  Albert Innamorati's inspection of this unit gave me the clear and specific insight I needed in order to confidently complete the purchase. 

Albert delivers his service with obvious passion and competence.  He was not clock-oriented, rather he was project-oriented and took his time to explain the importance of most every aspect of the process. Consequently, he methodically and thoroughly addressed every aspect of my planned purchase:  HVAC, pluming, windows, appliances, building, roof, and other details.  He uses digital technology to provide a complete and detailed record of every comment and observation.  His formal report, which includes photos, is so good I plan to save it for when I might resell the unit.

I was surprised to know that Albert has inspected a great many bank-owned properties.  In talking with him, my realtor, and other folk, I have learned that often bank-owned properties can carry hidden damages, damages that may not be found till after the sale.  As banks commonly use "As Is" terms, this means that the buyer should be especially aware.  Albert Innamorati's thoroughness in his action and report made me fully aware and confident in my buying decision.  I strongly recommend his service.

Bob B. Westford, MA

We used Mr. Innamorati  on two occasions.  The first was to inspect a  townhouse for our daughter.  It was in an old building but had been updated with many  lovely features.  We were concerned because of the age and various other things .  As it turned out he found things we didnt even think of.  He arrived before the appointed time, set up his radon equipment and then proceeded to thoroughly go over the heating systems (there was both baseboard and hot air) .  He examined the shared basement and found powder post beetles and some termite damage in the main beam under the unit .  There were so many other things we failed to note but he first gave us a quick summary, then a report covering every detail of the interior and exterior.    We had him also check the roof on our own home since we were changing insurances and they needed an update.  Both were done in a professional and timely manner.  We would highly recommend him ( and actually he was recommended to up by both our real estate agent and town building inspector).

Joan and Alex P; Carlisle, MA

Albert did a fantastic job with our inspection.  He was very thorough, digging into all the nooks and crannies of the house, jumping up on the roof to take a look at the shingles and chimney, and basically making sure everything was ship-shape.  He was particularly accommodating with our inspection, as we had a problem where not all parts of the house were initially left accessible by the sellers, and Albert made the extra visits needed to check everything out once the owners got everything opened up.  The write up was thorough and prompt, with lots of photos to document everything.  He’s also a real nice guy, and it was enjoyable to do the inspection with him.

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N. Last, Bedford

We used Abbey Inspection services twice in the past 6-months and it was the primary factor in our decision making.

Mr. Albert is fabulous in everything he does, his professionalism shows throughout the process. He takes time to do a very thorough inspection, offers a wide variety of services at competitive prices to choose from and is very diligent in reviewing the results and any subsequent follow-ups.

His knowledge and experience with properties in the area is exceptional and his clients benefit tremendously from it. He gives very helpful tips during the actual inspection and the final reports and resources included are detailed.

His insight and findings were crucial for us and we highly recommend him.

G. Shah   Carlisle, MA

My children came along on the inspection and they called Albert "ninja man".

But you had to be there to understand. In addition to looking under every eave and crawling under the crawl space, he  literally pulled himself up onto the roof without a ladder! The kids were thoroughly impressed. They still talk about it. His recommendations have proven very useful. We recommend him anytime we hear of someone purchasing a home.

SS  Bedford