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Our goal is to provide a thoughtful, comprehensive inspection that will educate Buyers on a home's condition relative to its age as well as required maintenance and future repairs.

We adhere to the Massachusetts Standards of Practice and ASHI guidelines for home inspectors.

Pricing depends on age and size of home.  See below for Base Pricing for a two hour inspection. 

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ABBEY Inspections Services is a full comprehensive home inspection company offering a range of inspection and consultation services which literally check hundreds of conditions in a property.  From  single family homes to apartment complexes and larger industrial complexes, we inspect it all utilizing state of the art technology via digital and infra-red cameras, drone imaging and live scribe technology.  In addition to the property condition report, we also provide environmental testing such as radon, water quality and well yield, pool inspections and energy efficiency evaluations.

Home Buyer's Inspection

Our most popular inspection  covers everything from foundation to roof  and mechanical systems in between.  Our report identifies areas of deficiencies in the home relative to its age and suggests maintenance and general up-keep of the property.

Phase of Construction Inspections

Performed in connection with on-going construction, we visit the site during various construction phases. At each visit we are on the look-out for proper construction techniques and whether issues exist which will present problems down the road.

Pre-Listing Agreement Seller's Inspection


A pre sale inspection can benefit a homeowner prior to listing their home by alerting them to latent defects, which often a seller has no idea exists.  It is better to find out about these defects beforehand, rather than during the buyer's home inspection.

Water Testing

Used for properties which are serviced by wells.  Water quality and water quantity (yield) are essential tests to determine potability of water and if yield is sufficient to meet demands of average home.

Environmental Inspections

Additional testing for radon with on-site radon detector gives immediate read-out to signal if radon is an issue.  Other environmental tests include radon in water and carbon monoxide.

Energy Efficient Audits and Investigation Diagnostics

Wasted heat energy, especially in older homes is analogous to throwing money out the window. An energy audit can detect areas that might have air leaks or could use more insulation. We utilize infra-red technology to pin-point heat loss from inside the home which can equate to hundreds of dollars lost in utility bills.